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What is the Big Deal about Drugs?

December 20, 2016

Today I had a patient ask me about drugs. Her exact question was 'What is the big deal about  doctors, taking patients off of drugs lately?'  Her concern was that one of her friends had their prescription reduced from 190 pills of Narco a month, to 90.  It was a pretty heavy duty pain medication so the addiction potential is significant.  What I explained to her was that in recent years there has been a significant increase in prescription medication abuse.  As a result, there has been a move by the medical community to reduce the abuse of prescription medications and it has to begin with reducing the amount of medications allowed per person.

 The trouble with that logic is the fact that our nations heath care system has been so heavily dependant on pharmaceuticals as a means of treating symptoms that they will be hard pressed to find alternative means of treating symptoms I.E. non-pharmaceutical means...and it is 'that' which will be difficult. Why? 

 Before the Harrison Act was passed in 1910 making cocaine, opium and morphine controlled substances you could buy cocaine over the counter.  In fact Coca Cola was laced with cocaine at one time hence the name 'Coca' Cola.  Not only were these substances readily available in various forms they were exceptionally lucrative for the companies making them, very, very lucrative.  We are talking billion dollar profits in 1900, yes I said billion with a  'B' 1900.  It is therefore understandable, from the perspective of greed, why these companies would want to maintain that kind of profit margin. 

   In order to protect their market and with it their profits, extreme as they were, the pharmaceutical industry partnered up with the Medical profession.   Since 1910 the pharmaceutical industry and medical profession have had a very close and symbiotic association.  It is this association that  has placed the Md in what is in effect a Catch 22 Situation.  They are being pushed to reduce drug dependance while at the same time being pushed to prescribe more. 

 So in the interest of helping the Md out each of us should take responsibility for our own health by first taking better care of our bodies with exercise, diet, rest and taking a more active roll in maintaining our health.  This is where your chiropractor comes in, as the chiropractor is well versed in maintaining health and helping you to make better health decisions so that you can be healthier.  That way when you go visit your Md it makes their job that much easier, because they won't have to prescribe you anything to make you feel better, because you will already feel great!!!

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