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Positive Thinking

January 10, 2018

The topics I’ve written about on this blog have ranged from diet to exercise and the benefits of wellness care via Chiropractic.  What I have neglected to mention is the importance of your over-all emotional/mental state.  Have you ever noticed how when you are in a ‘mood’ that your over-all health just doesn’t seem quite up to snuff?  Maybe in your darkened mood you didn’t even notice because you just felt bad…period. 

 Believe it or not your psychology can affect your physiology.  Several years ago a scientist discovered while examining blood cells under a microscope the presence of neuro-receptor sites on immune system cells of a patient. At first he believed this to be simply an anomaly specific to this patient.  Now that he knew what to look for he began looking for this specific receptor on another patient and discovered that this person also had these receptor sites on their cells.  He then started looking for it on every one of the subjects he was looking at. Every single patient had these receptors on their immune system cells. 

This discovery resulted in a completely separate study to see what neuro-receptor sites were doing on immune system cells.  What was discovered was that emotional states had a specific and commensurate effect on the ‘activity’ of each cell.  If a patient was feeling excellent and was happy the cells were vibrant and highly energetic and vigorous in their function.  As a result these subjects were rarely sick and when they were it was for a very short period.  Other subjects whose emotional state were less than positive and were down in the dumps the cells were less vibrant, less functional and much less effective. The result being that they were down more often with something, when they were down it was for a much longer period and they were likely to come down with something else soon after recovery. 

 Further study found that they ‘down in the dumps’ people had the rare up-beat day or two and on those days the effect on their immune cells was profound and relatively long lasting.  They benefited from a more vibrant, aggressive and functional immune system while they felt good…and the effects would last for several days when they fell into the ‘habit’ of being down again.  On the converse side of this equation the positive and upbeat people once in a while also had a down in the dumps day, but instead of dragging their immune function down the residual effect of their habitual upbeat nature there was no appreciable decrease in their immune function. 

Okay, now if you are paying attention I used the word habit when describing the patients involved in this study.  How we think, how we interact with our daily surroundings is a habit.  This is based on the many coping skills we develop over the years based on our individual experiences.  If it seems you are getting kicked in the teeth every day, all day for years on end…your thought patterns will develop along those lines.  Basically you learn to be negative because you expect negative results. The positive happy people develop different habits because they learned how to cope and be happy in spite of things.

 This does not mean that you are doomed to misery because you have developed this habit. You can develop new thinking habits by meditating and breathing exercises and making the effort to look at the good things in your life when things are not going your way.  It takes work do not get me wrong but anyone can change the way they think and have a positive effect on their life as a result. 

So if you are not feeling so good, start changing the way you think and begin to change your health along the way.  Follow the instructions below to begin making your change to a healthier life style.

  1. Begin by emptying your head of negative thoughts or consciously think of something you love.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight
  3. Breath in deeply through your nose and fill your lungs to capacity. 
  4. Hold your breath for 4 full seconds counting one thousand one, one thousand two…etc. 
  5. Breath out through your mouth through pursed lips to create a back pressure so to empty your lungs fully
  6. Repeat this a minimum of ten times to get started.  You will notice at the end of the tenth cycle that your stress, irritation or general bad mood will be noticeably lessened. 

Once you have mastered this technique work your way up to 40 cycles.  You will then enjoy a major state change and feel much more mentally clear.  This should become a daily exercise for you so that you can start your days off with a positive mental state so that you can develop the habit of being positive, thinking positive etc. 

 In the event you get discouraged…just muscle on through and make this a habit.  Eventually you will get to the state of mind where you will not let the world and its problems have a negative impact on you. 

Dr. B

----- Be Fit, Eat Right, Think Well, and Live Better. -----