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Wellness according to Chiropractic

January 2, 2018

Wellness is a word we have all been hearing a great deal of only how many of us really understand what that means?  Like the definition of health the meaning of wellness is lost in translation depending on who you ask. Some people equate wellness with the word health, and health itself is often misunderstood and ill-defined because there are so many different ways of interpreting it.  For instance health for many is the lack of symptoms.  For others it is the overall state of your mental and physical well-being and the expression of symptoms when appropriate. 

 Wellness is an overall life-style where 'health' is an actual state of physiological expression.

Your life-style will directly affect your state of physiological expression.  How you eat, sleep, exercise and even think will be factors you have to consider in your life-style choices, included in this choice is the type of health care you choose. 

 Medicine by definition is sick care which means that medicine will managed how your body expresses symptoms via medication or changing your physical state via surgery depending on the symptoms you are expressing.  Think managing symptoms. 

 Chiropractic by focusing on your spine and nervous system is reconnecting the body to the brain allowing your natural adaptive state to function more efficiently in the environment in which you live.  Think healthy expression of symptoms, not managing them. 

 Wellness care is life time care and is ideally what your chiropractor would like to offer you.  It is also one of the arguments our detractors use to dissuade 'you' from going to the chiropractor. "You 'have' to go for the rest of your life!"  You do not 'have' to do anything you do not wish to.  Wellness care is a choice 'you' as a patient get to make for yourself. 

Do Chiropractors want to see you for life?  Yes, but we would rather you make that choice for yourself because wellness is a choice you make for yourself. 

Dr. B.


----- Be Fit, Eat Right, Think Well, and Live Better. -----