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Ask the Doctor!

February 8, 2017

As I have already mentioned the typical Chiropractic patient tends to be more engaged in their health care. They tend to ask questions and want to know the best way to achieve the best health they can without pharmaceuticals and the associated side effects. As I mentioned before the health care system is going through a change, a change that is being forced on it by the demands of a more informed patient base. As a chiropractor I encourage questions, I want you to ask me about your care and to take a proactive stand in achieving the best health possible. What I have learned over the years is that very sort of patient is the easiest pt to take care of, because they want to take charge and be active in their pursuit of optimum health. On the converse side of the equation, that same patient, the one who makes my job that much easier didn't fair all that well under the medical model. While in the Navy as a Corpsman I was in a position to observe patients who asked questions of the doctor. Too often the questions were dismissed with a "Don't worry about it, that is my job" or "Why do you need to know that? I'm the doc I already know what is best" and so on. If that pt persisted in asking questions they were very often given a diagnosis of a 'Personality disorder', which I learned was a 'warning' to the other doctors to not allow this person time to ask questions. Even worse, they would too often be sent to the psychiatrist to be medicated for the 'disorder'. It was their way of discouraging the pesky questions that they either did not want to answer or couldn't answer. Being that was an enlisted HM3, Petty Officer Third Class, I was not in a position to question the doctor much less call into question their diagnosis which I recognized as an abuse of rank. In civilian life, I have seen this very sort of thing happen too often. It would seem that there are doctors who feel that they are above questions, that they should not be questioned or interrogated by the patient. Well, I disagree. You have a right to know what is what and why the doctor is giving you this drug or that drug. Any doctor, Md or DC who does not encourage you to ask questions or simply refuses to answer your questions, find another one who will. It is your right to know and no doctor should ever deprive you of that knowledge. Now to be fair to the doctor, they may not have time to answer your question because of a busy schedule. Write it down and give it to the staff and the doctor should call you back and give you an answer to yoru question. Do not be afraid to ask your doctor a question. Rich

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