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Changing of the Health Care Guard

January 27, 2017

The American health care system is changing. The American public is demanding that something be done because it has become apparent that the American health care system is compromised and broken in ways that the mere word of a government official is no longer enough to quash mounting fears and questions, questions that nobody seems to be willing to answer, truthfully. The questions are why we are not the healthiest nation in the world considering that we spend more on our health care than most countries spend on national defense. In fact we spend more on health care than on our national defense. Yet we rank 39th in infant mortality and are among the least healthy populations in the world. By the way, Cuba ranks 38th in infant mortality and they are considered third world. I don't know about you, but something about that fact just doesn't seem right to me. The American public is waking up to a lot of uncomfortable and frightening questions, the answers to which range from pathetic and infuriating to insulting and childish. Last time I checked Americans didn’t care much for being insulted. Here are several examples of the questions being asked one of which is ‘Why do we still have cancer given that we have been donating literally hundreds of billions annually for decades and decades to supposedly find a cure?’ Another question among many ‘ Why are we spending so much on a health care system that is not apparently doing the job? ‘ Not only is the cancer question popping up over and over again, but other questions like ‘why are we so fat? Why are we among the least healthy nations in the world? Why are so many of our children suffering from autism, food allergies, ADHD and the list goes on for far too long to suggest that everything is a bad coincidence. But the most persistent question is about why our politicians, who are supposed to be working for both you and I are not looking into this more closely? The answer to that question is what angers so many Americans today and that answer is that they do not work for you or I anymore…period. This sad reality has become more than apparent for some time and the American public is growing weary and less and less tolerant of it. In decades past it was the American people who rose up and told the powers that be, that enough was enough. When chiropractors were being sent to jail, a reality that plagued this profession through the 1970’s, it was the chiropractic patient that stood up for their chiropractors demanding that they be set free, being the only doctors they felt were doing them any good. That is just one example among many in which the American public has stood up for itself. In the information age, as it is called, we have at our fingertips the World Wide Web. It is the web that allows us to find answers to questions we have. Granted we have mountains if information, some of it bogus, to sift through and find the honest answer. There are people loading up the web with false, bogus information to make finding the truth more challenging than it needs to be. With persistence and patience the answers will be yours if you can wade through the muck. It is your right to question accepted wisdom and to find the answers you seek as a conscientious human being. Keep seeking those answers keep asking questions. It is your right to know. We are here for you to ask those questions and hopefully give you direction as to where to find and confirm what we tell you. The more you know, the easier my job gets.

Dr. Richard Bend.

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