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December 21, 2016

 Normally we wait a week or so before posting on the blog, to give the previous blog some time to sink in and make an impression.  However, there are times that I make an observation that needs to be shared.

 Today I noted several children in our office, they were happy to be here and eager to get onto the table and get adjusted.  Yeah, there are on occasion children who just don't want to get adjusted and let the world know about it, but that is a rare thing in a chiropractic office. Most often a child is crying because it wasn't their turn to get adjusted...they want to be adjusted.

Then I observed the adults who come into the office, again I see patients who want to get adjusted and eagerly wait in the waiting room, or in the room itself looking forward to getting adjusted. Most are smiling and relaxed while waiting.  Interesting don't you think? 

 It is interesting to note that most chiropractic patients are happy, healthy and generally very active people. The social make up of a Chiropractic patients span the entire social spectrum of human existence.  I've seen moms, dads, kids, preachers, boy scouts, girl scouts, politicians, news anchors, grandmas and grandpas and I have even seen several medical doctors getting adjusted..and then coming back for more!!  Gasp!!!  OMG!!! what is this world coming to? 

  Further observations regarding chiropractic patients have noted that those who see their chiropractor regularly, say once a week, or once ever other week, tend to use fewer drugs, get fewer surgeries, have generally better over all health and tend to live not only longer but better quality lives. 

  When the results from regular chiropractic care became well documented, our detractors decided that the studies that said good things about chiropractic must have been faked, because such consistently postive results were just not possible. Obviously the chiropractor must be doing something morally wrong to have such excellent results...without drugs. 

Sadly, what I have stated here, though funny is actually true. Chiropractors have been accused of bribing the entire state judicial systems because of the lack of malpractice suits. Heaven forbid that chiropractic be safe and effective...Gasp!! What is this world coming to?

 Then a study was done on 'who' made up the majority of these chiropractic patients.  Apparently whoever did the study believed that the patients reporting these excellent results were the dregs of society, mental patients, drifters and god only knows what else the chiropractor had to be dragging into their offices to get people to report 'good' results. Obviously something was just not 'right', or so 'some' thought and went out of their way to 'prove'.

What did they discover?  They discovered that the average chiropractic patient was college educated, professional and self motivated. They noted that most chiropractic patients tended to be the type of person who actually thought about what they were going to do, took measures to research all aspects of their health care choices and then acted on those choices regularly. They were more often health conscious and proactive in their health, asked a lot of questions of their health care providers and expected those questions to be answered.

 In short Chiropractic patients tended to be the type of person to think for themselves and were not easily manipulated and tended to question everything.  I think that means that Chirorpactic patients tend to be smarter than the average person.  Hmmm..


Dr. Richard Bend.



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