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Stuffed Turkey

November 21, 2016

It is that time of year again when we get ready to stuff our faces with copious amounts of delicious foods. Thanksgiving will be here be- fore we know it, and this year make it a goal to not be the person sitting in the recliner watching football with an uncomfortable belly full of food. It’s hard to control yourself when everything looks and smells so good, but we will talk about a few strategies to help avoid looking and feeling like a stuffed turkey. The most important phrase to remember during the holiday season is “PORTION CONTOL”. This phrase should sound in your head anytime you eat, but especially during the holidays. Keeping your portion sizes down is a quick and easy way to curb your over eating. Keep in mind that the serving size of most meats is about 4 oz. The other important concept to remember is that speed kills. The faster you eat the more you will be willing to shovel into your mouth. The slower you eat the faster you become full and are less likely to over eat. Taking the time to enjoy your food will lead to a much happier post feast experience. One last thing to consider has to do with the desert table. If your families are anything like mine, the desert table is the pride and joy of the meal. Everyone is looking forward to that piece (or three) of pie at the end. The same rules apply to the desert part of the meal as they do to the main course, portion control and speed. There is no rea- son that a pie can only be cut into six or 8 pieces. Ask for a half a piece or to split it with someone. Remembering these concepts will keep you from being the blob sitting in the chair sleeping through the football game. Instead, be the one that organizes your own football game in the backyard. The exercise will help you digest your meal and everyone will have a great time playing. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Rector


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